Getting started

Follow the steps below to setup the React Native Job Listing App on your machine.


  • NodeJS >= 6

  • NPM or Yarn

This version has been tested with Node v11.0.0 and NPM v6.5.0

1. Get the code

Click here to download the source code for the React Native Job Listing App. Extract the contents of ZIP file after downloading.

Downloading the source code in ZIP format will not sync with any updates to the starter kit.

The alternative (and recommended) method is to clone the source code from GitStrap here.

Cloning the source code syncs your app with any updates.

2. Install dependencies

Navigate to your working directory and install the dependencies required to run the project.

cd job-listing-app

3. Get the Expo client app

Install the Expo Client App on your iOS or Android simulator (or device) and connect to the same wireless network as your computer.

4. Run the app

Follow the on-screen instructions to open the project on your iOS or Android simulator (or device).